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Branding A Western State of Mind

Florence was looking to ‘kick the dust up’ on a new identity that would visually represent them as a town built on grit and determination; where live music infuses peaceful evenings with energy and life; and where you know you can experience “a western state of mind…”

If it was a song, the melody would be found somewhere between Gene Autry’s “Back in the Saddle Again” and Aerosmith’s single of the same name. If it was a person, he would be a straight-shooter, brave and true; a maverick with a creative side, protective, steadfast, and adventurous. As a place, Florence, Arizona is a town built on grit and determination; where live music infuses peaceful evenings with energy and life; and where you know that your neighbors have always got your back.

Florence was originally an outpost, where the Gila River fed the farms of both tribal ancestors and farmers who cultivated the lands. Today, it is a melting pot where cowboys, ranchers, dreamers, builders, and artists come to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Florence drinks from a well of wine and wisdom, as can be experienced in the unexpected beauty of Windmill Winery and the picturesque presence of St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery. The adobe buildings that date back to the late 1800s and line Main Street are a testament to the hard-working spirit that built this community, and that drives their vision for the future to this day.

Beyond Old Historic Downtown and the ranches and farms of Florence, the north and south buttes reflect brilliant shades of orange and yellow across expansive open space as the sun rises and sets each day. This is a special town where people respect one another and cherish their traditions - where you can feel safe and will always be welcome.

“From the time that we convened the first community meeting, I knew that the outcome of this project would be special. Florence is a town with so much heart and a fierce determination to see their beautiful, historic home thriving again as it has for generations.”

— Liza Noland Local First Arizona’s Director of Rural Programs

Dog Cat Mouse Media in partnership with Local First Arizona worked with the Florence Chamber of Commerce and a steering committee of local city officials, business owners and residents to create this brand and messaging. Be on the look out for the new brand roll out and their marketing campaigns including a new website launching this Fall 2021!

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