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brand standards guide

This tourism brand gives Florence a voice, look, personality and establishes its values as a tourism destination. Staying consistent with the usage of the brand and delivering on the brand promise will ensure that visitors have an authentic experience when they decide to put Florence on their bucket list and follow through with booking their trip. Click the pdf icon below to view the entire brand standards guide which will help keep this brand looking and feeling consistent:

messaging framework

A framework of messaging pieces was developed to help to define the brand's promise, value proposition and positioning. An elevator pitch and target audience along with the tone of voice will help to define how the brand speaks to it's potential visitors. The mission statement helps to define the purpose of the brand. The brand pillars were identified to focus in on the big things that Florence has to offer. Click below on the pdf icon to read the messaging document:

This website was developed to showcase the new brand in a dynamic and exciting way. Local businesses and events are the cornerstone to the experience of Florence and we wanted to make sure that they were highlighted in a meaningful way. The addition of a blog will allow the site content to stay fresh and relevant. Please browse through the website and if there are any additions you have please let us know! A special thanks to Michael Baca for letting us use his stunning photography!!

social media toolkit

A makeover is in the works for the brand's social media presence. We have designed and implemented new avatars cover images for the existing Visit Historic Florence Facebook page and an Instagram account was created to tap into even more of the visitor market we want to tap into. A content calendar has been established with quality posts featuring great content. An analytics spreadsheet has also been created to help track and measure growth and engagement. Click the images below to see what things are looking like and if you are not already please follow along on social!

digital & print ads

Digital and print ads were set up to be ready for when the next advertising opportunity arrises. Common digital and print ad sizes were used to setup full page and half page ratios along with digital banner type ads for future placements. We hope to be putting these ads to work soon leading people to the website and getting them to plan their next Florence visit. Click on the images in the gallery below to expand and see in more detail.

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